At, responsibility guides everything we do and do. We support responsible consumption, and making long-lasting choices is key to that. This is also one of the biggest reasons why our online store was founded in the first place! We want to play our part in supporting a significant reduction in the production of single-use plastic bottles in the future. We therefore encourage every consumer to keep a long-lasting water bottle with them instead of a store-bought disposable bottle.

We try to support our customers in making the right purchase decision to the best of our ability, for example by providing transparent information about the products we sell. In addition, we try our best to provide the most comprehensive product information and photos of the products for sale in order to avoid unnecessary returns (and product transport emissions). If you need more information about the product you are interested in before making a purchase decision, you can contact us by e-mail at .

The field of commerce, and especially online commerce, is associated with numerous pressing issues of responsibility: the ever-increasing consumption of natural resources, deficiencies in the realization of human rights at different stages of the value chain, climate emissions and other negative environmental effects. These are all global challenges, but also opportunities that we work on together with our partners and other operators. We encourage consumers to use responsible online stores that know where the products they sell are manufactured and that sell products only for real needs and with the lowest possible return percentage of products. Naturally, we also count ourselves among such online stores.

We know that there is always something to improve in the area of ​​responsibility. We are committed to responsible operations and take steps in the right direction every day.

Did you have a question about our activities or a development proposal related to it? Contact us! You can find our contact information here .